Young Statisticians Denmark

What is Young Statisticians Denmark?

Young statisticians is a worldwide-recognized concept, as a society that plans social and scientific events especially for the younger segment of professionals studying or working with statistics. Young statisticians Denmark was founded in 2015 inspired by the Dutch society for young statisticians.

Aim of the society

  • Share knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere (workshops, meet & greet etc.)
  • Broaden our professional network (gathering people working in different institutions and areas)
  • Explore opportunities of statistics in science, industry, as well as in society.
  • To have fun!

Target audience

Although we welcome anybody who is interested, the target group is young statisticians early in their career. This includes students, researchers from university and other research institutes, but also statisticians from the private sector. We would like to reach people from all fields of statistics and from anywhere in Denmark.

How to get in touch?

Send us an email at or join our Facebook group. New events are sent to our mailing list and posted in the Facebook group.