Postdoctoral positions in Statistics and the Mathematics of Insurance and Economics

15. november, 2020

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen is seeking top early-career researchers for a number of attractive one to four-year postdoctoral positions. The position is open from September 1 or October 1 2021

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has strong research groups in many areas of mathematics, and has an active postdoc and visitors' programme; we refer to our homepage for more information.

Applicants hired via this call will be affiliated with either the section Insurance and Economics or the section Statistics and Probability Theory. Strong applicants in all areas covered by the topics of these sections will be considered, and postdoc stipends not attached to a specific centre or grant are available. In particular, the following fellowship will be awarded this year.

  • The Thiele Data Science Fellowship is a postdoctoral fellowship for up to four years, which will be awarded to support an excellent early-career researcher within data science. For additional information, contact Niels Richard Hansen

In addition, there will be postdoc stipends in the following specific areas/centres of the departments:

  • Copenhagen Causality Lab covering such research topics as causal inference for stochastic dynamical systems, partially observed systems, invariant prediction and graphical models. For more information see the lab webpage or contact Prof. J. Peters or Prof. N. R. Hansen
  • Statistical inference for coupled stochastic processes with multiple timescales and changing environments (contact S. Ditlevsen,

The application deadline is November 15, 2020, midnight local time (11:59pm CET). 

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