Postdoctoral positions in statistics

15. november, 2019

Postdoctoral positions in Statistics at Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

A number of postdoc stipends is available.

  • The Thiele Data Science Fellowship is a postdoctoral fellowship for up to four years, which will be awarded to support an excellent early-career researcher within data science. For additional information, contact Niels Richard Hansen

In addition, there will be postdoc stipends in the following specific areas/centers of the department:

  • Copenhagen Causality Lab covering such research topics as causal inference for stochastic dynamical systems, partially observed systems, invariant prediction and graphical models. See for more information or write Jonas Peters
  • Inference from large scale genetic data using graphical models. For contact, write Carsten Wiuf
  • Stochastic multiscale modelling and reduction. For contact, write Carsten Wiuf

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