Post-doctoral position in applied statistics at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University

01. oktober, 2017

A post-doctoral research position in applied statistics is available at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University, Denmark, in the Applied Statistics Laboratory. The position is for one year with the possibility to be extended.

The deadline for applications is October 1st, 2017. To apply please send a motivation letter, CV, track of records and list of publication to Rodrigo Labouriau (

For further information, please contact Rodrigo Labouriau, tel. +45 87155735, e-mail

You will work at the Applied Statistics Laboratory at the Department of Mathematics with:
- Development and improvement of new statistical methods directed at or inspired by concrete applications in life and environmental sciences
- Statistical consultation and participation in research projects in several other departments at the Faculty of Science and Technology
- Contribution to teaching statistics for non-statisticians
- Co-supervision of non-statisticians in statistical matters.

The candidate we are seeking at the Applied Statistics Laboratory are expected to provide statistical assistance and participate in a range of research projects (ideally in different research groups or involving different departments at the Faculty of Science and Technology), and, in parallel, to work in methodological / theoretical developments in statistical themes that are relevant to these research projects. The Applied Statistics Laboratory currently has lines of research in the following topics: extensions of generalized linear models of high complexity, highly complex graphical models, extensions of classical survival/event-history analysis, spatial statistics and incompletely observed data, but other research lines will certainly be relevant too. The Applied Statistical Laboratory is a new research group, supplementing the strong theoretical statistics and probability research groups at the Department of Mathematics; the postdoc position will also benefit from the rich academic environment in theoretical statistics and mathematical aspects of statistics.

Required qualifications and selection criteria:
- PhD in statistics or a close related field
- Strong background in statistics and mathematics (essential)
- Fluency in spoken and written English
You should have interest in applied statistics and research in statistical methodological developments inspired by applications in life and environmental sciences.