Post doc at Section of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen

01. juni, 2019

The Section of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen offers two postdoctoral fellowship positions.

The two Postdocs will participate in the following projects

1. Statistical methods in environmental epidemiology. Here the post-doc will wrok with data from two different projects.  Statistical challenges in both data sets includes the modeling of multivariate outcome data and the handling of a high dimensional set of exposures and potential confounders. Modern penalization methods and structural equation models will be explored as possible solutions.

2. Statistical methods for neurobiology. Based on unique neuroimaging data, the Neurobiology Research Unit (NRU) aims to develop new treatments for brain disorders. The postdoc will play a central role as a statistician at NRU and be actively involved in the scientific process including data analysis, statistical counseling and writing papers. In addition a new project will use large register data to study effective treatment of depression and epilepsy. Prior experience with the analysis of medical imaging data or register data is preferred but not required.