PhD Position in Statistics at TU Delft

02. december, 2018

At TU Delft a PhD position in Statistics is open. The position is in the project "Data science for injury prevention and performance improvement". 

The program “Citius, Altius, Sanius” aims to stimulate people of all performance levels to engage in physical activity through sports and fitness to improve their health and performance by providing informative and motivating information using advanced sensor and data science techniques. The program comprises six applied projects and three fundamental projects. For one of the fundamental projects, entitled “Data science for injury prevention and performance improvement” we are looking for a PhD candidate. 

“Data science for injury prevention and performance improvement” concentrates on providing a data-based tailored advice for health and performance. The PhD position is based within the Statistics Group of the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics. In the research, a personalized model will be developed allowing to give tailor made advice to individual athletes. The research comprises both methodological research in statistics as well as research in the domain of sports engineering and will make contributions to both fields. 

The deadline for application is 1 December. For more information about this vacancy you can see the link 

or you can contact Jakob Söhl. Email: