One or more positions as Assistant Professor in statistics at the Department of Mathematical Sciences (AAU)

18. februar, 2020

At the Aalborg University's Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Mathematical Sciences, one or more positions as Assistant Professor in statistics are open for appointment from 01.08.2020 or soon hereafter. The positions are available for a period of 3 years.

About the Department of Mathematical Sciences:

The department hosts three mathematics programmes: mathematics (including statistics at the master level), mathematics-economics, and mathematics-technology. The department teaches and develops courses in mathematics and statistics for all study programmes at Aalborg University, including the Data Science-programme jointly taught by the Department of Computer Science.

Research activities at the department include mathematics-economics (mathematical finance and econometrics), statistics (spatial statistics, simulation based inference, statistical computing and statistics in forensic genetics), applied mathematical analysis (mathematical physics, partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, and approximation theory), coding theory, cryptography and topology.

Job description

Research: The applicants are expected to have research qualifications within statistics and / or related fields and to continue developing these qualifications. The department is increasing its focus on research in applied and computational statistics and in data science.

Teaching: The applicants will have teaching tasks in the mathematics programmes (which comprise mathematics/statistics, mathematics-economics, and mathematics-technology). The applicants will also have teaching tasks at other programmes at the university (e.g. data science and engineering). Therefore the ability to collaborate with other study programmes is desirable. Aalborg University has three campuses and teaching tasks can be at all campuses.

Funding and external collaboration: The applicants will engage in acquiring external funding for research. This will happen in collaboration with colleagues from Department of Mathematical Sciences, from other departments at Aalborg University and from external partners. This includes funding for theoretical research, as well as funding for more applied and strategic research activities. The applicants will have a genuine interest in seeking inspiration from and assist in bringing mathematical disciplines into applications in other sciences, in industry and in the surrounding society. The applicants will also engage in the department’s statistical consultancy service.

You may obtain further information from Head of Department Søren Højsgaard, phone: +45 9940 8801, e-mail:


Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate scientific production and research potential within one or more areas relevant to the research activities at the department. The ability to contribute to the development of external cooperation, and the willingness to participate in securing external funding, will also be taken into account. In addition, the applicants are expected to have the qualifications required for undertaking teaching responsibilities and excellent interpersonal skills. Special contributions to the development of educational and teaching related activities will be considered in the overall assessment.