YSD event: Statistics meets neurobiology

Event invitation: Statistics meets neurobiology

The wait is over! With covid-19 dominating the agenda for more than a year, we are finally ready to invite you to the next YSD event on Tuesday June 22 from 19.00 - 21.30. The event will take place in Copenhagen (venue TBA).

We have seen how crimes and mysteries can be solved using statistics. This time we take a dive into the brain: Prof. Susanne Ditlevesen will talk about her exciting work with stochastic processes and the brain.

Susanne Ditlevsen is a professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. She has made numerous important contributions to statistical research, especially about stochastic processes, which has led her to be in the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. But her abilities span beyond research; in 2017 she was awarded Teacher of the Year at the Faculty of Science, UCPH, and you might also have heard her in the radio show "Hjernekassen", seen her comments in the news, or anywhere really, because Susanne is a talented and dedicated science communicator. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that she even has her own Wikipedia page!

After the talk there will be some refreshments before we move on to one of the popular YSD quizzes.

Attendance is free and the event is sponsored by The Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics and The Section of Biostatistics, UCPH. If you identify as “young” and “statistician” (broadly defined), you are very much welcome, but please do sign up as soon as possible, as we have limited seats available:


Please keep an eye on the Facebook event for more details, but be aware that attending the Facebook event is NOT sufficient – you need to sign up in the form.

The event will be hosted following relevant COVID guidelines, and registered participants will be informed about the exact rules. Note that it may be required to bring a valid Corona passport in order to participate.


What is Young statisticians Denmark?

Young statisticians is a worldwide-recognized concept, as a society that plans social and scientific events especially for the younger segment of professionals studying or working with statistics. Young statisticians Denmark was founded in 2015 and became part of The Danish Society of Theoretical Statistics in 2019.

Aim of the society

- Share knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere (workshops, meet & greet etc.

- Broaden our professional network (gathering people working in different institutions and areas).

- Explore opportunities of statistics in science, industry, as well as in society.

- To have fun!

Target audience

Although we welcome anybody who is interested, the target group is young statisticians early in their career. This includes students, researchers from university and other research institutes, but also statisticians from the private sector. We would like to reach people from all fields of statistics and from anywhere in Denmark.