YSD-event: Modeling whodunit (an evening of crime scene statistics and quizzing)

Modeling whodunit: An evening of crime scene statistics and quizzing

Ah, these lazy summer days. A cool breeze on a warm day at the beach. Ice cream and a captivating crime novel in the sunshine. Spending a whole day doing nothing. But alas, it cannot last forever; come September, it’s back to school, work, dusty black boards and bright computer screens. However, there is a silver lining: it will also be time for a new Young Statisticians Copenhagen event! On Thursday, September 19, we invite you to spend a night with us learning about crime scene statistics – the real world nerdy counterpart to your crime novels – and doing a bit of friendly pubquizzing with fellow statistically inclined people.

We will start the evening with a talk by Therese Graversen, who is an assistant professor in statistics at University of Copenhagen. While this sounds a bit far removed from crime scenes, Therese’s research has made her an expert on analyzing genetic data and identifying DNA-profiles from crime scene samples, which allows her to give qualified answers to the big, old crime novel question: whodunit? Unlike most of us, Therese is not afraid to leave the comfort of her office, which has led her to somewhat unusual activities, compared to most researches. She has served as an expert witness for the British police several times, informing the court about the statistical aspects of genetic crime scene evidence. Moreover, she is probably the only Danish statistician ever interviewed by a women’s magazine (see her Bones-like story in ALT.dk), which is a great example of Therese’s engagement as an active communicator of science. In 2018, she won the UCPH SCIENCE Communication Award, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about forensic statistics from an excellent speaker!

After the talk, we will continue with a friendly pubquiz (and a free drink) where you’ll get the chance to show off your trivia knowledge and/or your skills in sucking up to the judges - and perhaps you’ll even get to know a new young statistician or two. We invite everybody to hang around after the quiz for another drink and more socializing.

We will start at 19.00 and the event will be in Studenterhuset in Copenhagen. Attendance is free and the event is funded by The Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics. If you identify as “young” and “statistician” (broadly defined), you are very much welcome, but please do sign up as soon as possible, as we have limited seats available:


Please keep an eye on the Facebook event for more details, but be aware that attending the Facebook event is NOT sufficient – you need to sign up in the form.

What is Young statisticians Denmark?
Young statisticians is a worldwide-recognized concept, as a society that plans social and scientific events especially for the younger segment of professionals studying or working with statistics.

Aim of the society
- Share knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere (workshops, meet & greet etc.)

- Broaden our professional network (gathering people working in different institutions and areas)
- Explore opportunities of statistics in science, industry, as well as in society.
- To have fun!

Target members
Although we welcome anybody who is interested, the target group is young statisticians early in their career. This includes students, researchers from university and other research institutes, but also statisticians from the private sector. We would like to reach people from all fields of statistics and from anywhere in Denmark.