Young Statisticians-arrangement: Becoming a statistician and becoming a worried one

Young Statisticians Copenhagen are happy to invite you to our very first event of 2018 on January 4, namely

Becoming a statistician and becoming a worried one – A night of reflections on statistics

featuring two generations of Nielses (yes, that is definitely how you write “Niels” in plural) and their views on the past, present and future of statistics. We will spend the evening listening to the thoughts of two professors of statistics, Niels Keiding and Niels Richard Hansen, at the top floor of Copenhagen’s newest landmark, the Mærsk Tower. Yes, that’s really high up. Yes, that does mean a really pretty view. Yes, we might partly have chosen this location to distract you from the scariness of reflecting about – and questioning - what one does. Anyway, we meet at 5 pm and the evening will progress as follows: 

  1. First, a talk by Niels Keiding, who is one of the most influential Danish statisticians of the 20th century. His influence has presented itself through numerous scientific publications (more than 400 articles, books and book chapters), but just as importantly in his tremendous effort dedicated to establishing biostatistics as a proper field of research in Copenhagen and in Denmark more generally.  Niels was the founder of the Section of Biostatistics at the University of Copenhagen and he even authored the entry for “biostatistics” in The Great Danish Encyclopedia. Niels is now retired, but still frequents the Section of Biostatistics as a professor emeritus. Niels will talk about his own path towards statistics and provide a personal viewpoint for discussing the development of our discipline throughout the last 50 years.
  2. Next up is pizza. Yes. Free pizza, sponsored by the Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics (and please, try to guess who founded that society… ). Beers and sodas will also be served.
  3. Next up is the second generation of Nielses, Niels Richard Hansen, who will pick up where Niels Keiding left off: namely at what the future of statistics might hold. Niels Richard Hansen is a professor in computational statistics at the University of Copenhagen, and though he does not yet have 50 years of experience as a statistician (nor as a human being), he has nonetheless established himself as an authority when it comes to combining advanced methods from computer science and statistics. However, he might be even more known as the skeptical voice in statistics in Denmark who doesn’t hesitate to question our practices and bring chilling facts to the table about the validity of our most common methods. This Niels will discuss the challenges that come with being a statistician in the era of data science.
  4. Finally, after this emotional journey from the uplifting development of statistics to its scariest challenges, it might be a good idea to have a little debriefing together with others that understand your state of mind. Therefore, we will invite you to leave the tower behind and go for a drink at a nearby location.

The event is targeted at students of statistics and associated fields, as well as early-career statisticians and young professionals with an interest in statistics. The event is free, but due to the security regulations of the Mærsk Tower, we will need the names of all participants and we have an upper limit of 50 guests (first come, first served). Therefore, we ask you to please sign up here and follow the Faceboook event for updates.

What is Young statisticians Denmark?

Young statisticians is a worldwide-recognized concept, as a society that plans social and scientific events especially for the younger segment of professionals studying or working with statistics. Young statisticians Denmark was founded in 2015 inspired by the Dutch society for young statisticians. 

Aim of the society

  • Share knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere (workshops, meet & greet etc.)
  • Broaden our professional network (gathering people working in different institutions and areas)
  • Explore opportunities of statistics in science, industry, as well as in society.
  • To have fun!

Target members

Although we welcome anybody who is interested, the target group is young statisticians early in their career. This includes students, researchers from university and other research institutes, but also statisticians from the private sector. We would like to reach people from all fields of statistics and from anywhere in Denmark.