Young Statisticians-arrangement

Young Statisticians Copenhagen are happy to invite you all to the first event of the 2017/2018 season on Thursday the 28th of September at 17.00 entitled:

                       Talk statistics to me! – A night of communication and statistics

The evening will be dedicated to discussing a central, but often overlooked, part of the statistical endeavor; namely, how do we get people to understand what the #¤!@% we are doing? Statistics is a topic that many know of but few master, and working with statistics ultimately means telling the stories of numbers or mathematical objects that most people cannot see with the naked eye. This places a large responsibility on the shoulders of statisticians to develop tools and strategies for sharing our statistical knowledge and the results of our work. The evening will include four steps of equally important communication activities:


1.     A talk about challenges and strategies for communicating theoretical, statistical knowledge. The talk is given by Anders Rønn-Nielsen, who was awarded the title of Teacher of the Year at the University of Copenhagen in 2015 for his outstanding work at making abstract concepts concrete for students at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Anders is now an associate professor at CBS, where he is doing research on extremal properties of spatial statistical models.

2.     Free pizzas, sodas and beer sponsored by the Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics. (Don’t pretend that pizza is not communication. One pizza tells more than a thousand words, especially if you’re hungry).

3.     A screening of the documentary Don’t panic – The Truth about Population produced by late statistician Hans Rosling and the Gapminder Foundation. Rosling was a pioneer of science communication and he was deeply dedicated to making the public knowledge about the state of the world fact-based by presenting simple, well-communicated statistical results. The movie is a great example of how complex, empirical statistical knowledge can be communicated to a wide audience without getting lost in technical details.

4.     For those still craving more communication, we will go out for a drink at a nearby location (to be announced) and communicate about our newly acquired knowledge about communication, or, well, maybe just something like the weather or whatever.


The event is targeted at students of statistics and associated fields, as well as early-career statisticians and young professionals with an interest in statistics. The event is free. We know that a hungry statistician is a cranky statistician, so in order to give us the best possible data for estimating the appropriate amount of pizza to order, please sign up either by attending the Facebook event or by writing an email to including your name (so we don’t count people twice) and your current occupation (because we’re curious). For updates (including information about the location), we also refer to our Facebook event page.


What is Young statisticians Denmark?

Young statisticians is a worldwide-recognized concept, as a society that plans social and scientific events especially for the younger segment of professionals studying or working with statistics. Young statisticians Denmark was founded in 2015 inspired by the Dutch society for young statisticians.


Aim of the society

  • Share knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere (workshops, meet & greet etc.)
  • Broaden our professional network (gathering people working in different institutions and areas)
  • Explore opportunities of statistics in science, industry, as well as in society.
  • To have fun!


Target members

Although we welcome anybody who is interested, the target group is young statisticians early in their career. This includes students, researchers from university and other research institutes, but also statisticians from the private sector. We would like to reach people from all fields of statistics and from anywhere in Denmark.