Todagesmøde efterår 2022: symposium in celebration of Per Kragh Andersen's contributions to statistics

The two-day meeting will be replaced by a symposium that celebrates Per Kragh Andersen's contributions to statistics,

The symposium will be held in Copenhagen 15-16 November, organized by the Section of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen.

More information to appear later and to be sent on the mailing list. See the tentative program below.

Tentative program:

Tuesday November 15:

14.00-14.05: Welcome

14.05-14.50: Ørnulf Borgan (Oslo)

14.50-15.35: Henrik Ravn (Novo)

15.35-16.00: Coffee break

16.00-16.45: Torben Martinussen (KU)

16.45-17.25: Hein Putter (Leiden)

17.25: Beers and soft drinks.

19.00: Dinner

Wednesday November 16:

9.00-9.45: Thomas Gerds (KU)

9.45-10.30: Erik Parner (AU)

10.30-10.50: Coffee break

10.50-11.35: Maja Pohar Perme (Ljubljana)

11.35-12.20: Richard Gill (Leiden)

12.20: Sandwich to go

Further details including abstracts, information about sign-up and pricing will be announced later.