A series of three presentations of methodological developments in longitudinal mediation analysis and clinical applications


Theis Lange (University of Copenhagen), Søren Rasmussen (Novo Nordisk), and Zeyi Wang (UC Berkeley)


The Joint Initiative for Causal Inference Webinar Series is a series of presentations on utilizing causal inference and targeted learning methods to answer pressing health questions in the modern methodological and data ecosystem. Targeted learning methods bring the rigor and power of classical statistics and causal inference together with advances in machine learning to bring robust insight and evidence to the important health challenges. This program is organized by the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Targeted Machine Learning, University of Copenhagen, and Novo Nordisk, a leading global healthcare company headquartered in Denmark. The talks will range from those targeted at a general audience with an interest in the future of trials and real-world evidence generation to statisticians and data scientists working at or interested in the intersection of causal inference, machine learning, and statistics.


Room: Zoom. You need to enroll (for free) via: https://berkeley.catalog.instructure.com/courses/joint-initiative-for-causal-inference-webinar and then you will be mailed information and link about the seminar.