Julemøde i DSTS

Julemøde i Dansk Selskab for Teoretisk Statistik 2013

 Årets julemøde i Dansk Selskab for Teoretisk Statistik afholdes

 Tirsdag d. 10/12 kl. 17.15

 Mødet foregår på Københavns Universitets Center for Sundhed og Samfund CSS (det gamle kommunehospital, Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1014 K) i lokale CSS 7.0.40



 Sune Lehmann

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Technical University of Denmark



 Measuring social networks



 Over the past decade, we have made tremendous progress in understanding the complex networks in the world around us. In terms of social systems, we have recently developed the technological ability to measure the dynamics such networks with unprecedented accuracy, using smartphones as sensors. For the past year, my group has worked towards creating a dataset of unparalleled quality and size, working to develop a starting point that will allow us to make a true leap in the quantitative understanding of social systems. We use top-of-the-line smartphones as measurement devices to capture the complete network (face-to-face, telecommunication, online social networks, geolocation, etc). We are in the process of rolling out the study to a group of approx 1000 individuals. In terms of size, this will increase the number of study participants by a full order of magnitude compared to similar studies in the field. Last year, we launched the beta-test with approximately 200 participants. Mostly, the talk will focus on the reasoning behind and challenges related establishing an experiment on this scale, but I will also share some early results.



Efter mødet vil der være middag med på en restaurant i nærheden. Tilmelding  restaurant i nærheden. Tilmelding til middagen bedes sendt til chair@dsts.dk fredag den 6/12-2013.