Celebration of Ib Skovgaard

Seminar with four presentations.

Organized by the Danish Society of Theoretical Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences and Section of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen.

Date: June 16th 1-5 PM.

Place: Aud. A2-70.04, Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1871, Frederiksberg C.

Ib Skovgaard obtained his Ph.D. degree in statistics from the Department of Mathematical Statistics at the University of Copenhagen in 1982. From 1981 Ib was employed by the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen, first as assistant and associate professor, and from 1996 as full professor. He was Head of the Department of Mathematics, 1986-1989, and Dean of the Faculty of Basic Science and FoodScience, 1989-1991. In 2007 the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University merged with the University of Copenhagen, and in 2012 most of the statistics group merged with the Statistics Section of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. In 2014 he retired from his professor position.

In his theoretical research, Ib made seminal contributions to the vigorous developments in neo-Fisherian statistical theory and asymptotic theory that took place in the 1980s and 1990s. In particular, he worked on higher-order asymptotics and saddlepoint methods, but also on likelihood inference and principles of statistical inference. Biostatistical applications and development of appropriate statistical methods for this work have played a prominent role in Ib's research over the years.

In admiration of Ib’s great achievements there will soon be published a book containing most of Ib’s innovative research with introductions by colleagues. To celebrate Ib and the publication of this book we are happy to announce this seminar.

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