The Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics

The Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics is an organisation for statisticians promoting the development of statistical science and applications.

Every six month a two-day meeting covering topics of interest to the members is arranged by the the Society.

The Society is one of the four organisations responsible for the journal Scandinavian Journal of Statistics.


It has been decided only to maintain a Danish version of the pages on this side. However, as many of the posted events and announcements of vacant positions will be written in English here is some help on how to navigate to relevant parts of the site without profound knowledge to Danish.

Medlemskab -> Bliv medlem

If you want to apply for membership

Medlemskab -> Adresseændring

If you want to change your address


List of upcoming and past events


List of vacant positions. Please contact e-medd@dsts.dk regarding announcement of open positions. 

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Contact information for the members of the board of the Society