The Danish Statistical Society

The Danish Statistical Society (DSTS) is the Danish organisation for professional statisticians. The society serves the Danish community of statisticians and promotes the development of statistics and its applications.

DSTS is an affiliate member of FENSTATS and is one of the four organisations responsible for the scientific journal "Scandinavian Journal of Statistics".

Please note that we only maintain a Danish version of webpage. However, most job adverts (see “jobopslag”) and events are advertised in English. Please contact e-medd@dsts.dk regarding announcement of open positions.


The society is governed by a board, currently consisting of:

Søren Højsgaard (chairman)
Institut for Matematiske Fag, Aalborg Universitet
Email: chair@dsts.dk

Stefan Nygaard Hansen
Biostatistisk Afdeling, Institut for Folkesundhedsvidenskab, Aarhus Universitet
Email: kass@dsts.dk

Anne Helby Petersen
Biostatistisk Afdeling, Institut for Folkesundhedsvidenskab, Københavns Universitet
Email: ahpe@sund.ku.dk

Niels Olsen
Institut for Matematik og Computer Science, DTU Compute
Email: web@dsts.dk

Christian Bressen Pipper
Leo Pharma
Email: tpbdk@leo-pharma.com